Czech and hungarian minority policy in Central Europe, 1918-1938.


 ... [the book does] not revive old political debates in the disguise of historical scholarship but the four Czech and four Hungarian historians look into the complexity of the issues related to the position and aspirations of national minorities in Czechoslovakia unbiased, without prejudices... None of the authors aims at convincing the reader about the correctness of one or the other national argument related to the political conflicts rooted in national majority-minority relations in Czechoslovakia. Instead, they offer a very comprehensive picture of pros and cons from all perspectives. the major points of reference are not real or assumed national or nationality interests but preconditions of European and Central European regional security.

Atilla Pók




  • Introduction

  • Eva Irmanová: Negotiations with Slovaks and Fight of the Czechoslovak and Hungarian Governments for Slovakia

  • Jan Rychlík: The Situation of Hungarian Minority in Czechoslovakia 1918-1938

  • Nándor Bárdi: The strategies and institutional framework employed by Hungarian governments to promote the "Hungarian minorities policy" between 1918 and 1938

  • Dagmar Hájková: T G. Masaryk and his Stances on Minority Issues after the Establishment of Czechoslovakia

  • Zbynek A. B. Zeman: Edvard Benes's foreign policy and the minorities

  • Miklós Zeidler: The League of Nations and Hungarian Minority Petitions

  • Ferenc Eiler: "Minority Foreign Policy". The Role of Czechoslovakia's Hungarian Minority in the European Minorities Congress 1925-1938

  • László Szarka: The principle and practice of ethnic revision in Hungary's foreign policy in connection with the First Vienna Award

  • Appendix 1

  • Appendix 2

  • Miklós Zeidler: A comparison of the minority protection articles from the treaties between the Principal Allied and Associated Powers and: Czecho-Slovakia (September 10th 1919); Serb-Croat-Slovene State (September loth 1919); Roumania (December 9th 1919)

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