Demographic research on Romania’s ethnic minorities, 1977-2002

In progress
Project manager:: Attila Papp Z.
Research period:: 2009-2012


In the course of our research, we seek to describe in comparative and demographic terms the national minorities in Romania. Employing uniform criteria, we examine the main socio-demographic indicators for the country’s largest minorities (the Hungarian, Roma and German ethnic minorities): economic status, social status, internal mobility, and multiple ethnic ties. In addition to providing time-series data, the analyses are novel for two further reasons: the subject-matter (which has not been covered in previous analyses) and the sources of data (data is taken not only from the publications of the official Romanian statistical institute but also from the 10% samples and database of the censuses). The databases at our disposal enable us to create cross-tabulations based on our analysis criteria and to apply other statistical procedures.