Myra A. Waterbury: Divided Nationhood and Multiple Membership in the European Neighborhood

   3rd May 2022 14:00 - 16:00, 3rd May 2022 16:00

The Institute for Minority Studies kindly invites you to the lecture by



(OHIO University, USA)

Divided Nationhood and Multiple Membership in the European Neighborhood:

A Comparative Analysis of Hungary’s Diaspora, Emigrant, and Kin-Minority Engagement Policies.


This research project looks comparatively at Hungarian state policies and the broader politics of Hungary’s relationship to three distinct parts of its “divided nation”: kin minorities in neighboring countries, recent emigrants throughout Europe, and the older non-European diaspora. I will discuss my preliminary findings about the tensions, trade-offs, and overlaps among the institutional and political landscapes that make up Hungary’s policies towards these different external populations, and highlight the potential impacts of those policies, using the conceptual frameworks of divided nationhood and multiple membership.


The event takes place on 3 May 2022, 2 pm

Online: ZOOM

Passcode: 646519

Venue: Meeting room of the Institute for Minority Studies (MTA HTK, T/1/40.)