Historical chronology of the Hungarians of the Vojvodina region since 1944

In progress
Project manager:: János Vékás
Research period:: 2010-2022

Institue staff: Ágnes Tóth


There are no antecedents to our research in the narrow sense of the subject area. A retrospective chronology of the social history of the Hungarian community in Vojvodina has yet to be written.

In part this is due to the difficulties surrounding a definition of the subject matter, namely the Hungarian community in Vojvodina. Another factor is the absence of political will to strengthen the subjectivity of the entity and of the identity of members of the community.

My attention has been drawn to three issues among the various research issues. The first issue relates to the definition of Hungarians in Vojvodina as a community, or “entity”. How we answer this question depends on what – in terms of the content of events – are the factors that affect the situation of the community. The second issue relates to the “limits” of defining the Hungarians of Vojvodina as a national community. What do we understand by the term Hungarians of Vojvodina? Finally, the third issue concerns the source of effects, or the circumstances influencing the fate of Hungarians. In a thematic sense, we need to clarify what we mean when we talk about circumstances influencing the minority’s situation.