Identity-migration-modernisation. The economic and social situation of Hungary’s minorities

In progress
Project manager:: Ágnes Tóth
Research period:: 2003- continuous

Institue staff: János Vékás


In the project entitled Identity-migration-modernisation we are examining how national and ethnic identity fits in with other factors determining social structure and how identity exists in a mutual relationship with these other factors within the framework of modernisation.

Special attention is given to external and internal migration. Although migration is just one element of modernisation, nevertheless it deserves special attention because of its role in globalisation and European integration. In the course of our research, we examine, from various perspectives, the minority communities mentioned in Hungary’s minority legislation. Special emphasis is given to the migratory and identity traits of individuals that come into the communities from abroad and to the ways in which migration influences the cohesion of the given community.

The research is based on the collection, mergence and analysis of databases created within the system of public administration and relating to demographic, economic, political and cultural processes, whereby the databases are geographically comprehensive and systemised over time. The research is supplemented with questionnaire surveys and qualitative analysis.