Jewish communities in territories annexed from Hungary

In progress
Project manager:: Viktória Bányai and Szonja Komoróczy
Research period:: 2011-2013

Institue staff: Csilla Fedinec
External researchers: Kinga Frojimovics (Yad Vashem, Jeruzsálem), Norbert Glässer (SZTE), András Zima (ORZSE), Miklós Konrád (MTA TTI), Kata Zsófia Vincze (ELTE), Tamás Gusztáv Filep


The history of the Jewish communities in territories lost by Hungary under the Treaty of Trianon (1920) has largely been neglected by historical researchers and experts of Jewish studies, but – for this very reason – there are many misconceptions and stereotypes in this field. With a view to replacing works promoting the assimilation of Jews, Zionism, ultra-Orthodox ideas or nostalgic romanticism, we seek to conduct source-based research with an emphasis on the diversity of the region’s Jewish populations and the complexity of community strategies. The focus of research will be the interwar period and World War II (1920-1945), but for comparative purposes we shall also cover the Dual Monarchy and the post-1945 situation.