Life interviews of Hungarians in Vojvodina

In progress
Project manager:: János Vékás
Research period:: 2009-2015


The year 2010 saw the publication of the first volume in a series of life interviews – the results of the first part of the project (Utak. Életinterjúk 1980-1990 [Journeys. Life Interviews, 1980-1990] with attached CD, Zenta, 2010, Hungarian Cultural Institute of Vojvodina. 563 pages). The autobiographical series launched under the auspices of the Hungarian Cultural Institute of Vojvodina opened the way to the interviews and autobiographies and to the emergence of personal survival motifs. The interviews are now being published, and for me the most interesting thing is to determine individuals’ opportunities for action within the historical process. Their lives have been determined by circumstances and influenced by personality traits, but what were the alternatives? And how would such alternatives have influenced their personal fates and developments in society?