Declaration of social scientists at the Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences concerning the Central European University

As researchers and employees of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Social Sciences we join with the declaration of the President of the Academy, stating that “the CEU is an extremely important scientific centre and international education institution. It is good for all that it operates in Budapest.” In agreement with social sciences committees of the HAS we assert that education programs and research carried out at Central European University ensure a high level of professional quality. The Central European University plays an important role in the Hungarian scientific life, and is a core professional partner of the HAS Centre for Social Sciences. Its operation in Budapest actively supports and inspires research carried out at other Hungarian universities and research centres, including the HAS Centre for Social Sciences. Therefore, we expect Hungarian legislation to continue to ensure the Budapest-based operation of the Central European University. We call for leaders of higher education and research institutions in Hungary to defend by all means available the existence and autonomy of Hungarian institutions, including the Central European University.