Research on Jewish cemeteries in Hungary

In progress
Project manager:: Viktória Bányai
External researchers: Szilvia Kormos; István Balogh


In recent years there has been a welcome increase in the number of publications and websites listing and presenting Jewish cemeteries. In several institutions of higher education, dissertations have been written on Jewish cemeteries in Hungary. Further, in addition to conservation work, the documentation of cemeteries is underway with the support of local councils and history associations. This includes surveying and photographic work as well as the recording of gravestone inscriptions. In addition to local historical researchers, genealogical and ethnographic researchers have also turned their attention to Jewish cemeteries. Prior to our current research, there had been no instances of academic researchers addressing in a comprehensive manner the Hebrew inscriptions. Still, the quality publications of research workshops inGermany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands and their high standard of historical, philological and cultural historical research, served as a guide for our work. The research team seeks now to compile and publish methodological aids and to offer methodological assistance to those in need of such assistance.