Balázs Dobos

Balázs Dobos
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Scientific Secretary

Senior Research Fellow (TK KI)
Research Interests
  • Ethnicity and politics, the participation and representation of the minorities in the public life, decision-making processes in minority policy
  • Non-territorial minority autonomies in Europe
  • The modern history of the minorities living in Hungary, the 1993 and 2011 minority laws, the system of minority self-governments, the elections of minority self-governments, minority rights in Hungary
  • Roma political parties in Hungary
Selected Publications
Research Projects

Ongoing research projects:

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Work in Progress
  • Balázs Dobos: The parliamentary representation of minorities in Hungary - recent developments (European Yearbook of Minority Issues 2022, to be published in 2023, Brill)
  • Katinka Beretka, Balázs Dobos: Chapter VII. The legal and institutional context of NTA. In: Marina Andeva, Balázs Dobos, Ljubica Djordjevic, Börries Kuzmany, Tove H. Malloy (eds.): Non-Territorial Autonomy. An Introduction. Palgrave Macmillan, 2023. (forthcoming)