Kristóf Tamás Szombati

Kristóf Tamás Szombati
Download CV Research Fellow (TK KI)
Research Interests

racism, far-right movements and ethno-politics in Central and Eastern Europe; the political economy of illiberalism, the governance of poverty and ethnic difference in particular; qualitative methodologies

Selected Publications

2021. “The consolidation of authoritarian rule in rural Hungary: workfare and the shift from punitive populist to illiberal paternalist poverty governance”, Europe-Asia Studies (accepted, forthcoming).

2020. “From Neoliberal Disembedding to Authoritarian Re-Embedding: The Making of Illiberal Hegemony in Hungary”, International Sociology, 35(6): 721–738. (co-author: Gábor Scheiring)

2018. The Revolt of the Provinces. Anti-Gypsyism and Right-Wing Politics in Hungary. Berghahn: New York & Oxford.

2017. “Understanding the rise of the far right from a local perspective: Structural and cultural conditions of ethno-traditionalist inclusion and racial exclusion in rural Hungary”, Identities, 24(3): 313–331. (co-author: Margit Feischmidt)

Work in Progress

‘The reconfiguration of the political in contemporary Hungary: the utility and limitations of conceptualizations centred on populism’