Source research on the 20th-century history of the national minorities in Hungary

In progress
Project manager:: Ferenc Eiler
Research period:: 2012-2016

Institue staff: Ágnes Tóth, Réka Marchut, Balázs Dobos


Hungarian historians still have to elaborate the history of Hungary’s national minorities from 1920 until 1989. Much of the literature dealing with the fate of certain minorities comprises either a limited number of case studies concentrating on some events of decisive importance to the minority or an informative sketch of the history of the affected minorities, together with the key dates and events. The aim of our project is to overcome this deficiency and to provide a basis for further work by the Institute in the medium term. As we assemble the relevant primary and secondary sources for the period 1920-1989 and evaluate and process them, an opportunity will arise, in the spirit of enhancing awareness, for the publication of “a chronology, a source publication, and a monograph”. This “triad” of knowledge is a prerequisite for the proper elaboration of the recent history of Hungary’s minorities.