“Unknown” personalities in Hungarian minority policy. Portraits of politicians

In progress
Project manager:: Csilla Fedinec
Research period:: 2012-2015


After Trianon, the Ministry for Minorities was closed and minority affairs became a foreign policy issue within the governmental structure. This was so until as late as 1922 when the Second Department of the Prime Minister’s Office was established. The Second Department was the central institution directing minority policy in post-Trianon Hungary until the end of World War II. Within this frame, it is worthwhile exploring Hungarian minority policy in the interwar period from both the “outside” and the “inside”, by looking at politicians in the Sub-Carpathian region such as Aladár R. Vozáry and Károly Hokky, as well as Tibor Pataky, a Sub-Carpathian native who directed the Second Department of the Prime Minister’s Office (the main institution of minority policy in Hungary).