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Polanyi Revisited: Global Capitalism from an East European Perpective



Melegh Attila and Iván Szelényi

Polanyi Revisited. Introductions                                                                                 


Kari Polanyi Levitt

Letter to Intersections.EEJSP 


Polanyi Revisited: Global Capitalism from an East European Perpective


György Lengyel

Embeddedness, Redistribution and Double Dependence: Polányi-reception Reconsidered   


Chris Hann

Cucumbers and Courgettes: Rural Workfare and the New Double Movement in Hungary      


József Böröcz

Global Inequality in Redistribution: For A World-Historical Sociology of (Not) Caring           


Gábor Scheiring

Sustaining Democracy in the Era of Dependent Financialization: Karl Polanyi’s Perspectives on the Politics of Finance                                                                                                                           


Adrian Brisku

Empires of Conquest and Civilization in Georgian Political and Intellectual Discourse since Late Nineteenth Century                                                                                                                            

Book Reviews

Gareth Dale: Reconstructing Karl Polanyi. London, UK: Pluto Press. 2016.

László Andor                                                                                 


Fred Block, Margaret R. Somers: The Power of Market Fundamentalism: Karl Polanyi's Critique. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 2014.

Márton Rakovics                                                                            


Tove H. Malloy, Aleksander Osipov, and Balázs Vizi (eds.): Managing Diversity through Non-Territorial Autonomy: Assessing Advantages, Deficiencies, and Risks. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2015.

Liliya Aliyeva                                                                                 


Authors’ biographies