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Work-life balance/imbalance: Individual, Organizational and Social Experiences


Beáta Nagy, Gábor Király and Zsuzsanna Géring

Work-life Balance and the Gender Regime after the Economic Transition                  


Work-life balance/imbalance: Individual, Organizational and Social Experiences

Dóra Bari and Péter Róbert

Who Benefits More from a Balanced life? Gender Differences in Work-life Balance and Satisfaction with Life in Eight Post-communist Countries                                                                                


Iva Šmídová

No Room for Balancing: Mothers and Professors in Czech Maternity Hospitals           


Henriett Primecz, Andrea Toarniczky, Csaba Kiss, Sára Csillag, Roland Szilas, Anda Milassin and Katalin Bácsi

Information and Communications Technology’s Impact on Work–life Interference: Cases of ‘Employee-friendly Organizations’                                                                                                            

Jacek Gądecki, Marcin Jewdokimow and Magdalena Żadkowska

Reconstructing the Borders and the Definitions of Home and Work in the Context of Telecommuting in Poland                                    


Mária Neményi and Judit Takács

Main Breadwinner Women in Hungary and Their Work-family Balance Related Coping Strategies                           


Nikolett Geszler

Behaviour-based Work-Family Conflict among Hungarian Manager Fathers                


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Brigitta Noe and Katalin Oborni                                                  


Authors’ biographies