Viktoriya Sereda 'When you are coming here – it is a complete black hole!': reimagining the past in Ukraine after the Euromaidan


Centre for Social Sciences Hungarian Academy of Sciences

invites you to the lecture by

Viktoriya Sereda (Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, post-doctoral fellow)

"When you are coming here – it is a complete black hole!": reimagining the past in Ukraine after the Euromaidan

Bio: Viktoriya Sereda is a GIS Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute (2016-2017). Her research focuses on urban sociology, memory studies, nationalism and identity studies. Viktoriya Sereda received her PhD in Sociology at the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 2006, and MSc by Research in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh in 2001. Since 2015 she is an associate professor of sociology at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. Recently she co-organized and participated in sociological research projects "Region, nation, and beyond. An Interdisciplinary and transcultural reconceptualization of Ukraine", “Displaced cultural spaces: current Ukrainian refugees” (both based at the University of St. Gallen), and “Present Ukrainian refugees: main reasons, strategies of resettlement, difficulties of adaptation.” She is an author of a number of articles published in Ukrainian, Austrian, German, Hungarian, Polish and Russian academic journals. Her forthcoming publications include: “Shifts in national, regional and local memories and identities in post-Euromaidan Ukraine,” in Nationalities Papers (coming in 2017); “Ukrainian Past and Present: Legacies, Memory and Attitudes” (co-authored with A. Liebich and O. Myshlovska), in Ulrich Schmid, ed. Unity in Diversity: Region and Nation in Ukraine (Budapest: CEU Press, coming in 2017).


DOBOS, Edgár (Institute for Minority Studies, CSS, HAS)

Tuesday, 21 February 2017, 2 pm


Venue: HTK, Building T, 1st floor, Conference Room

HTK 1097 Budapest, Tóth Kálmán u. 4.